Sunday, May 31, 2009

Still Having Fun

Our life is Mexico is basically back to normal after a break in action due to swine flu precautions. A couple of school events had to be canceled, but otherwise everything is back to normal. Or, perhaps an intensified "normal" because we feel like we are making up for lost time. Teachers are scrambling to finish up everything before the end of the year, soccer teams are having multiple games on Saturdays, and that sort of thing. For us, it is a very intense time of trying to enjoy all of the friendships we have made here and squeeze every last pleasure out of life in Ensenada before we move back to Denver in July.

To be honest, we won't be able to experience everything in Baja before we leave. We have had an extremely full year, but there is lots to explore here. I think our trips to our local "Michoacana" popsicle and ice cream stand represent our experience well. Everytime we go to Michoacana we try to taste something new -- such as mango, guava, cantalope, strawberry, hibiscus, chile pineapple, and tamarind popsicles (to name just a few) -- but we still haven't come close to tasting every treat. So, we will leave Ensenada with flavors left to try . . . I think that means we will be back to visit before too long.

One of Theo's friends had a birthday in May and we all had a wonderful time at his birthday party. Here are some photos of us at Baja Mar resort celebrating Marco's birthday. The kids tried golfing for the first time and had a blast. Actually, it was one of two birthday parties and a lunada (an evening campfire party) that weekend, so our social calendar has been packed with fun.