Wednesday, March 18, 2009


A few days ago I met with a class over the internet. My uncle Eric is a superintendent and he hooked me up to talk about going to school in Mexico with this class. It is a fourth grade class from Burlington, Massachusetts. I talked with the whole class during their morning meeting. They asked me a lot of good questions about what I have been doing here in Ensenada and my experiences at school.

I was nervous at first because I've never actually met these people. But, I sort of know them because they leave so many great comments on this blog! After the first few questions I felt more comfortable. Meeting with them and seeing their classroom made me miss an American school.

I hope that Ms. Hayes' fourth grade class can meet the fourth grade class at Colegio Argentino. We are going to try to set up a Skype meeting so the two classes can talk to each other.

Me talking with the class


Logarzzo said...

Dude thats awsome. i wish i new how to do that!

Aunt Beth said...

Very cool opportunity. It was good that you were brave enough to give it a whirl. It would be cool to meet the kids in the class in person some day.

Ms. Hayes said...

Theo, You were great! Thank you so much for skyping with us. You wouldn't know that you were nervous. My students were nervous too. We've been practicing our speaking voices. I know it was hard to hear us. TTYS! Ms. Hayes p.s. Thanks again!

Eric said...

Theo. Thank you for following through with the Skype-based morning meeting. I hope we can arrange a time for our fourth grade students to meet your classmates.