Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Birthday

Yesterday was my 14th birthday and I had a very good day.

To start off it was a Friday and we had only a half day of school cause the teachers had meetings. I hung out with some kids after school, went home to chill and play guitar for awhile.

Later some of my friends picked me up to go to the movies, bringing with them the biggest sombrero I've ever seen. We drove downtown to the movie theater where another friend was waiting for us and we ran into someone else later. We saw a very corny Mexican film that was funny and just fun too watch.

Afterwards we walked around town and ran into 2 other friends (as you can see Ensenada is a small town so you always see people you know). They were having pizza, so we sat down and had some pizza and talked for a while.

We walked around some more until about 10:00 and a friend's mom picked me up and brought me home.

I really had a great time celebrating my birthday in Mexico.

Me with my birthday sombrero, pretty sweet huh


Madeleine said...

Sounds like you had a much better day than I had. My school play was yesterday and I spent the whole evening ( after school) preparing for it. I'm glad you had a fun birthday.

The Debt Whisperer said...

Hi Laura...just to catch up. I had written a couple months ago, we have a place in La Mision and were thinking about enrolling our daughter in Colegio Argentino.

We went and visited the school. It was a rainy Thursday and there were no students. We spoke to a woman and got the info on costs.

We are still considering our options. Dani, our daughter, is real laid back and has not expressed any anxiety about going to school in Mexico.

But she did change schools this year and I just don't know about switching her again. I am thinking a better time to do it is when she will be going to middle school, which would mean changing schools at that time, anyway.

Anyway, thanks for your help in this regard. R/

Laura said...

I'm not sure I can really advise you in any way. I can tell you that our school in not at its best on a rainy day (see one of Nathan's recent posts). Luckily, we have little rain and most days we can eat outside in glorious sunshine. Good luck with your decision making.