Tuesday, April 28, 2009


School has been crazy for the past few weeks. It started out as just an exam week. I took my Spanish exam and that's it, because the next day government testers surprised us and came to our schools with standardized test for us to take. These tests were like the ones in the united States but since they just showed up at our school with the tests, it completely messed up our schedule. The tests took two days for us to take. I did the test with a lot of effort and I think I did very well. I was last person to finish both times. While I was still doing my test the other kids went to recess. It was hard for me to concentrate with all the noise so it took me extra time. After these tests were finished the exams had to be rescheduled to the next week. On Monday I didn't do an exam I only did a presentation on an indigenous culture called the Chavin. ( I had no idea what it was before I did the project.) Just after I did the presentation I found out more crazy information.

I found out about the swine flu. It has not reached Ensenada yet, but everyone is being very cautious. We are doing our part by washing our hands frequently and not getting to close to other people. My gymnastics place was closed because of it, and some people are already wearing surgical masks. After the flu had spread all over all of Mexico the government decided to close all schools in Mexico. This made things even crazier because it was going to be a long weekend anyway, but it turned in to a eight day vacation. The teachers gave us homework for the weekend that count as our exams. So here I am on a spontaneous eight day vacation.


Angelique said...

Hi Theo,
I have been thinking about you and your family down in Mexico- especially when they announced the nationwide school closings. Do you have any plans for your spontaneous vacation (other than working very hard on those take home exams, of course ;))?

I got to see a slideshow of your whale watching extravaganza- what a thrill that must have been! It looked like you all had a wonderful time. I hope to someday replicate the experience with my family.

Please keep all of your blog watchers posted on how you are doing and take good care of yourselves!

Aunt Beth said...

Hi Theo, and Everyone!
We are starting to get notes home about swine flu here now too. I am curious whether Ensenada has any cases yet. No one is wearing masks, but there is a lot of hand washing going on and people are making jokes about it.

It sounds like it is both a little boring and a little fun. You must be on to your second book at this point! I wonder how long it will continue.

We miss you guys. It looks like you had fun with Marco at the beach!