Monday, April 20, 2009

San Ignacio

As you know, during our road trip we stopped in the town of San Ignacio. Despite being in the middle of absolutely nowhere, San Ignacio is actually a very nice place. A small town, with a nice town square, restaurants, and the usual tourist shops. We stayed in a little bed and breakfast owned by a Canadian couple. We stayed in a yurt right next to a stream. There were kayaks and you could swim in the river whenever you wanted to.

The weird thing about San Ignacio is that it looks just like a town you would see in a movie. It's set in the middle of a large desert with a river bubbling up from beneath a volcano, it's very pretty and picturesque and has a nice feel to it. The Missionaries planted a small grove of date palms in San Ignacio when they lived there, since the river floods every once in a while it carries the dates everywhere and now the valley is covered in palm trees. It's like an oasis, you are seeing cactus for hundreds of miles and then wham! palm trees, It's really weird.

San Ignacio is a very nice town and I really enjoyed our stay there.

Here are some pics of our trip:

view from the mesa

our yurt

the town square

other view from the mesa

on the mesa

the mission

my dream car


Theo kayaking

all of us kayaking

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