Friday, September 19, 2008

Beach Activities in San Quintín

Boogie boarding on the beach was a success, even in the morning hours before the sun came out. Wet suits would come in handy, however, as the Pacific is pretty cold. BUT not as cold as the North Atlantic for all you Cape Cod lovers!

We watched a clammer dig for clams. He got 3 dozen pismo clams the size of a large fist. He can sell them for $5 a dozen. If you buy them in a restaurant, you pay at least $6 a piece. The fisherman tossed the small ones that he couldn't keep to the boys to see. They amused themselves by watching them dig into the sand in the holes that Theo dug for them.

Notice the nicely dug holes with clams in the center.

Clams...small ones.

San Quintín is an important clamming area--what with this huge beach. We also watched fishermen fish in the surf. One guy had a surf net that he caught perch in. Another couple of kids about Nathan's age had lines with 5 or 6 hooks on them that they just dragged into the waves, walked around for a while, and then came ashore with 6-inch fish attached. Don't know what they were. They took them off the lines and then whistled for their little brother to collect them and toss them into a bucket.

No, Theo did not try to eat the clams on the beach. He just got a bit messy.

More about San Quintín in another post. Too many photos to upload!


Eric said...

The beach looks great. I can't wait to visit. San Quenton has a different reputation in the US than you show in the pictures...

Faydeen said...

Hi Laura,
My name is Faydeen and I work with your brother, Eric, as one of his secretaries. I wanted to post and let you know I am enjoying your adventure in Mexico (there is a link on Eric's blog). You have a wonderful family and I very much admire how everyone is adjusting and enjoying themselves in a new country. I am looking forward to watching your adventure continue.

Kaki said...

Theo! Looks like you were in a brawl!