Friday, September 12, 2008


I started soccer a few weeks ago and I love it. I've had a few practices but today was the best one yet. Before today I didn't have any real friends but today I made friends with some people and I even scored two out of the five goals scored in the scrimmage. Today I played really well and I juked out the best ball handler and even the coach, the other kids were impressed. Right now I'm loving soccer and I think I will really improve my skills. Plus I'm on the Chivas which is my favorite team!
Viva Chivas!


Elizabeth Holman said...

Whoo hoo -- go Theo! So glad to hear you're having fun and showing 'em how it's done.

I'm really enjoying reading your blog, it's fun to keep up with your adventures.


susan said...

Hi Laura, Mark, Nathan and Leo.
It's cousin Susan. Sounds like all is well in Mexico.

Nathan and Theo, I am counting on you to spread Red Sox Nation in Mexico.

Laura, all is well here. Parents are the same. I am being laid off in one month. If I don't find a job with a month, I might fly down to see you guys.

Angelique said...

Hi there Theo and Nathan,
We have never met- my name is Angelique. I live in Virginia. I used to work with your uncle before he went off to become the masterful ruler of Burlington schools. Eric told me about your family’s blog a while ago- I have been visiting it regularly and enjoying your entries since its inception. I have deduced that you are a brave and adventurous bunch- so inspiring! I hope one day that my daughter, Ellie, will have the same sense of adventure, and that I will be as cool as your mom and take her to new places that may take us all out of our comfort zone initially. It is clear that you are settling into Ensenada culture more and more as time goes on- love your thoughts on the uniforms, school days, soccer, and the “awesome” food. I look forward to reading and seeing more from you throughout the year!

Eric said...

Yeah THEO!!! Keep at it. Hopefully, your mom can video tape some of a game for the blog.

Anonymous said...

Awsome theo i hope you kill in soccer hahaha

Val said...

I am so glad everything is going well for you and the rest of the family.
It is amazing you have a chance to be in a junior club of a professional football team.
Way to go. May be one day you will end up playing for Colorado Rapids.
Send our warm regards to everyone.
Take care.
Val and Elena

George said...

Theo - Sounds like one great day of futbol. Hope they're all that fun.

- George Mannes

Aunt Beth said...

Hey Theo-It looks like things are looking up. You have some friends, you are the star in soccer and you have had communion! What's next? Clams? Oh . . . you've done that too!

Love You!
Aunt Beth