Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Week

Well this week has been my best week in Mexico. School has gone well and we didn't get loaded with homework, in fact I didn't have homework Wednesday or Thursday. On Tuesday we finished our group project in Spanish, which was to create a book of myths and write some stuff about myths and legends. We then had to study all our myths. In class our teacher picked a random story and you had to summarize it in front of the class, not rehearsed. This was hard for me because first I had to read them all, and then summarizing one on the spot was hard. Luckily, she let me pick which myth to summarize so I picked one I already knew in English. Then I summarized it on the spot. It took about 15-20 minutes to get it all out, but I did it. Everyone was patient with me and they all clapped at the end (probably out of relief that I was done). Of course on Wednesday we had a fist fight in the middle of math class which makes the second one this year, so that wasn't amazing.

I now swim because I want to start surfing and my mom says I need to be a stronger swimmer before I start. I was just transferred into a different swim class with older kids. Of course my new class meets only three days a week and I was doing four in my other class. So I went today and they had me swim for an hour with the team. I swam 1950 meters without rest and 400 were butterfly. I suck at butterfly, I've been getting better but I can only do it when I'm rested, I almost died in the swimming pool. This is a little bit ironic because I've always said I never wanted to be on a team but now I am. Guitar has been going great and now I'm working on some classical pieces by Fernando Carulli, and some instrumental metal by Joe Satriani. I'm having lots of fun. Anyway my week has been very good.


Eric said...

Nathan, I suck at swimming as well. You will need to coach me sometime. Keep pushing yourself. Your body will respond. Soon the butterfly will get much easier. I am happy you had a good week. My weeks seem to never end. See you in December.

Nathan said...

Thank you, I hope your week ends soon. Can't wait to see you, you should come for a longer period of time.