Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The end of the month has finally passed! September was the hardest and slowest month of my life. October has come and things will be much easier now that I have suffered through September. I have gotten to know people in my class better which is going to help tons. Every day at recess I play tag with my two best friends (who are both named Marco) and other people. I am starting to get used to my new school. We have discovered that the food served at school is way too expensive. You can buy two pancakes and nothing else for a dollar fifty. If you want some fruit that's another dollar and if you would like a drink that is another dollar. (get what I'm saying?). So now I usually bring my lunch. Also there are no computers or projectors or screens in the classrooms. There are no hallways. All of the classrooms open up on a courtyard. The classrooms are small and the floors are concrete and filthy. There are no novels to read, only textbooks (even in the library!) But, the teachers are nice and learning still goes on. With only one hundred thirty students in the school every thing is smaller. Every Monday we have to salute the flag and sing the national anthem. I just mouth "watermelon, watermelon, watermelon" over and over again. Every day in the morning we have to say prayers and I mouth "watermelon, watermelon" some more. I do still try to learn the words but it is all too fast for me to get. I am glad it is finally October! (Happy birthday papa!)


Angelique said...

Greetings to you, Theo!
Happy October!
Your posts are very well written and funny. Even though I have not met you, I can just tell you are a fun, cool guy. I will never look at a watermelon the same way again. I am glad that despite some of the challenges, “learning is still going on.” I wonder if, in a weird way, you gain something from only having textbooks- for example, do you and your classmates wind up engaging in discussions/exchanges of ideas more often? I imagine the great teachers have to get more creative with their lesson plans the less they have to work with.

logan said...

Ouch man i do not like your school already
survive theo

Eric said...

Theo! THEO!

You could start a new religion that worships watermelon. Are you repeating watermelon in Spanish or English? If Spanish, what is the Spanish word for watermelon?

See you soon!

Chris said...

We miss you guys, but I have to say I don't want to be anywhere near you when God rains down upon you your reward of watermelon. Maybe you should start saying "marshmallows" or "packing peanuts."

Richard Conti said...

Hi Theo -- I guess you also did not receive my message I thought I had sent you.
Your verbaliztion of 'watermelon' is even funnier than you think because in Italian watermelon is called 'mellone'and as a figure of speech in Italian it means 'blockhead'!(:
Love you and miss you -- Papa