Thursday, October 16, 2008

Security Breach

Today we had to be extra clean and organized. Why? Because we had our backpacks checked today. Yes, I’m serious. I felt like I was going through airport security. First they checked your pencil case, your cubby thing, your backpack, and then they kind of did the hand check all around your pockets and jacket. It was really weird. They checked your hair and your fingernails too. The principal thinks I need to cut my hair. Everything that does not have to do with school is taken away, small toys, discs, even books for pleasure reading!

Some kids hadn’t cleaned out their things beforehand so there were many attempts to hide things. One girl hid her things tucked in the waistband of her skirt. Another hid hers in a shelf in the corner of the classroom. Some of the guys took of their jackets, put their E.O.s (Expressive Objects) in them and sat on the jacket. One boy barely got away with his phone, they were patting all around him and they cane within an inch of where he had hidden it. Another boy had a very good idea. He had a broken chair, so he rigged up a secret compartment under the seat, it worked quite well. It was actually a good thing we cleaned out Theo’s backpack, because he had a two-week-old rotten banana in one of his side pockets. I can just picture my principal’s manicured nails reaching into his backpack, it would have been hilarious.

At school you’re not allowed to wear bracelets or paint your nails or anything. If girls are caught with these things they have to scrape of the polish and their bracelets are confiscated. If anyone is caught with any toys or keychains they’re confiscated also. They don’t allow any make up, lip gloss, or hand sanitizer. It’s insane.

This is one thing I don’t like about our school, there’s no freedom of expression. Everyone just looks the same and has the same school supplies with the same school logo on them. No one can wear jewelry or anything. Everything is so controlled; no one can make a statement or show who they truly are. I mean you wouldn’t want to express your personality at school! It only takes up more than half of your life! It’s a very frustrating thing.

Here are some random pictures of me and my fellow compañeros getting ready for our Monday flag salute:


logan said...

Holy Cow!
What do they think you are bringing in bombs and gun jeez. your school is a bit weird.
Nice secrete weapon theo.
just a suggestion use ur shoes unless those have to go through metal detectors.


Anonymous said...

You guys are having a crazy time. Some days fun, some days weird! I'm in Atlanta, Georgia at a conference at the moment. I miss you!

aunt beth

George said...

No non-school books allowed? That's harsh.

- George

Austen Coviello said...

is it funn even thought its so strictt????

austen coviello said...

is it fun even though its so strict????