Saturday, October 11, 2008


Today was Saturday, and it was one of my best days yet. The weather was great, we had no school, and we had a nice walk around town. After a small lunch we went to pay the cable bill (we didn't know that my dad had already paid it). After that we paid the gas bill. We then went to the cultural center of Ensenada and just looked around. They had some art to look at and some books. We also found out about some free concerts that they have. We then walked to a small store that sold handmade crafts created out of aluminum. The artist showed us how he made them and let us help him with one, which he then gave to us. We ended up buying a cool picture frame. By then it was about 2:00 pm so we rented a movie for the night and went to try a new taco stand. It was amazing. It was the best one we've ever been to, and that's saying something. We then got some paletas. These are like popsicles but a million times better. And now it is now and we can only hope the day gets better from here.

Us at the cultural center.

The best Tacos in the whole world. The other kid goes to our school.

There were two cruise ships in today and it got me thinking, Papa you need to have a take-your-grandkids-to-work day.


Eric said...

Hey guys. I had a great weekend as well. I got together with the Klings and Joyces on one day followed by the Castaldos. We all met up at the beach in Essex. The weather was perfect. I'll send some pictures along soon. Can't wait to sample some of the taco stands you both rave about! Miss you.

logan said...

Yo dude what an awesome weekend you guys had. you much more fun then mehad a much more exciting weekend then my

Irena said...

Hi Nathan and Theo,
I hope you still remember me
Mark had sent me a link to your blog in september...I had no internet connection at home for last two months, but today, I am finally on-line again...
Your webpage is awesome..It took me quite lot of time to read all your stories and experience:)...
It looks that you are having really good time. I envy you the great weather!!! Now I live in northern Germany, in a town called Osnabrueck. We have a lot of rain and real autumn weather / by the way, in Czech Republic should be snowing this weekend already /
And how is your spanish? It is certainly getting better every day, or?
And do you like the school? Is it a lot different from your school in Denver?
Theo, it is really cool that you play soccer now.:)
Nathan, have you been serious about almost 2000 m swimming??? That’s great.It is almost a pitty that you want to be a guitarist...( of course just unless your playing is not even better than your swimming:))
Well, I keep more questions for the next time,
and I am looking forward to read news from you!
You are great!!

PS. Special Greetings to Laura!!!

Richard Conti said...

Hi Nathan -- I have written on this blog before but it seems like it did not go through for whatever reason. Maybe I did not fill out all the info I was supposed too.
It would be great if I could be a dance host on a ship that traveled to Ensenada.
Its great that you are experiencing a different culture and there will always be some things that are different and things you just take for granted at home that you will also appreciate more when you get back home. There will also be some things that you will miss from Ensenada and wish that they did in the US when you do get back home. Love you and miss you -- Papa