Wednesday, December 3, 2008

El Festival

Okay I'm sorry this post is late.
As you know last week there was a big talent show at our school. Not only that but it was a big religious festival called El Dia de Cristo Rey (The day of Christ the King). First there was this big mass. It was a very looooong mass. The choir sang songs, and students read passages, and it went on for quite awhile. After the mass we had to do these stupid dance things (rhythmic movements they called them), that we learned from our gym teacher who can't dance. Nobody was enthusiastic, therefore our classes "rhythmic movement" sucked pretty bad. After, we got food and there were games for everyone. I really just hung out with my class and other kids from a different school who had come over. Personally I thought the party had plenty for the kids to do but nothing for the parents. After all the socializing came the talent show.

All in all the talent show was pretty sick. Except for me only younger kids participated, but that was okay. Supposedly you had to demonstrate some trait in Catholicism (like honesty or generosity or something). Theo and I kind of skipped that part (which is one reason we didn't win). The whole show was also a fundraiser to raise money for an organization called Teleton. It is an organization that helps kids with disabilities. We donated money but apparently each team had to raise money separately which we didn't do (which is another reason we didn't win). Anyway my piece went really well and so did my brother's. Afterward I went to grab my backing track and two of the d.j.'s pulled me over and asked me to participate in this huge 80's music festival they organize every year. It's gonna be huge! with lights, and huge amps, I am officially psyched. Actually I'm just about to call and confirm.
Here's a video of my performance sorry about the sound quality, but I left my bigger amp in Denver:


Eric said...

The bigger amp should help. I couldn't hear the guitar over all of the screaming girls. I liked the Hendrix over-the-shoulder playing.

David said...

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Eric Clapton eat your heart out!

Nice job Nathan. Kudos!

Go a little easy on the reverb though. Sometime you should try that out on a Yamaha/Leslie RA-200.

Nice touch with the Jimmy move!


Uncle David

irena said...

Hi Nathan,
Many greetings from Germany.

Your performance is just great. I have watched it several times:)

I hope you still enjoy the time in Mexico!
Many greetings also to Theo, Laura and Mark,
I am looking forward to news from You

Merry Christmas to all of you!!


Maddy Wold said...

Hey!! Nathan this is incredible!! Looks like all those times we watched School of Rock paid off :) Your dad gave me the link to the site and it looks like you guys are having an incredible time!! I am super jealous! Say hi to everyone for me! You sound GREAT!!!

Your old babysitter :)

Maddy Wold