Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tourist Fun

We have family and friends visiting for vacation. In addition to enjoying holiday celebrations together (including Lisa's birthday), we have been having fun as tour guides for the bunch. Until now, we haven't spent too much time as tourists here -- our arrival was filled with intensive Spanish classes and setting up house and then we jumped into a very busy school and work schedule. For the past few days we have been tourists, enjoying everything from boat rides to wine tastings . . . and lots of taco tasting (perhaps our favorite activity).

Tomorrow our friends and Uncle Eric will head back "to the other side" (as our local friends call the U.S.) and my dad will join us on a road trip to Sonora, where we will be tourists for a few more days. Here our some photos of the tourist scene in Ensenada and the neighboring Valle de Guadalupe.


Logarzzo said...

Yay tacos!!! i like being a tourist

Aunt Beth said...

It is nice to see all these photos. Christmas was really busy here and will all the catch up, I didn't see these until now. I'm glad you guys are doing the blog!