Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Santa Brought Skim Boards

Santa seems to have known that we were spending Christmas in a different climate zone. No snow boards this year for these Baja boys. Santa left skim boards under the tree! So, Nathan and Theo have been learning how to skim board with Rachel and Jessica, friends who are visiting from Massachusetts.

All four of them looked a bit out of place today on the beach in bathing suits. They played in the water for hours while their parents (and all of the locals) walked the beach in jackets. But, the weather was beautiful and the kids insisted that the water was warmer than the water off the Massachusetts shore in summer. I didn't check it out myself, but I do know that that these four have spent many days together playing in frigid ocean water and on snowy mountain tops. They had a great time.

Enjoy the photos of our December beach day.

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David said...

Hey guys its Rachel!!!
i had so much fun doing everything with all of you. it was so fun to be in Mexico (real Mexico). i had a blast. Happy New Year and i can't wait to see soon. Have fun in Senora!
Thanks for everything!!!!!

love Rachel