Tuesday, February 17, 2009

El Dia de San Valentin

So for Valentine's day one of the 6th graders threw a big party. It was very fun, and I got to hang with 6th graders, which is a class I really like. The house was huge, a mansion, with a huge yard, panoramic views, and a grass yard (which is very rare in Mexico).

The party lasted all day and fun was had all around.
Here are some pics:breakdancing "on the rocks"
Luis kicked some major butt in pool
Me and Luis
Me and a few of my friends
Abril and Hayat, you can see the house too
the guys
some of the girls


Aunt Beth said...

This looks like a fun party, Nathan. You have that look like you belong with those kids. Don't get too used to the house though!

Love, Aunt Beth

Logarzzo said...

Wow thats a big house. I like the first picture your like an evil nijia monkey or something.qa