Wednesday, February 11, 2009


During the past two months I've been doing tons of projects at school. I've been really busy and too tired to write blog posts. I had to do a group project on cells for Natural Science class. My group got together at my team member's house. We planned our presentation and created a power point. I did a lot of the work because I can type better than everyone else in my group (even though I am not very fast). It was hard to work in a group, but overall it was a productive meeting. The next project was a play. My group did the Three Little Pigs. I was the littlest pig. I was in the same group so it wasn't that hard to work together. We met at someone's house at 11:00 and prepared what we were going to say. We worked for a long time preparing it but we did it. After that I was tired and ready to go home but we ended up staying until 4:30. It was a long day. After that, we had to get together another day to make the set. I spent a long time making the straw house. After all the work, I think our play was a success.

After that project, I was assigned a project in Catholic class. We had to find information about what you do when you are a priest. It wasn't the most interesting project, but it is done.

With all these projects I've gotten a lot more comfortable speaking in front of the class. It's a good thing because I have another project that I have to do on my own and present in front of the class. I have to study more about cells.


Logarzzo said...

I feel your pain theo. we have ibx next week and i don't have a poster board i am going to die. X-(

Aunt Beth said...

Hi Theo-
You are going to get good at public speaking AND Spanish with all that work. I bet your set was the best!
We have been really busy too, especially because Katherine has been sick since Christmas. Hang in there. All your hard work is making you smart, buddy.

Love, Aunt Beth