Monday, February 9, 2009

A coldblooded school

I find that our school functions a lot like a coldblooded reptile. On sunny days everything functions well but on the occasional day that it rains, well lets just say it's hard to function and hard for the teachers to control the students.

Our school has no gutters and no eaves so the water has no place to go but run down the walls and leak through the windows. The classrooms are indoor but when you step outside the classroom, you're outside. We have a big cement courtyard that gets totally flooded, perfect for young children (or adolescents for that matter) to splash in. Which is one of the reasons they don't let the elementary out for recess so it makes it very hard for them to buy food (because the snack bar is outside). We also have a dirt field for soccer and big dirt lot where they will be building some more classrooms. None of it is quite level so there are plenty of nice spots for lagoons to form. Not that that's all that bad. During recess you can skip stones in the swamp, but you have to be careful you're not pushed in by anyone.

Some schools in Ensenada do close on especially rainy days but we're a private school and the parents don't see any reason for our school to close. You know they might have a point, but who wants to walk through the rain to go to the bathroom? Not a lot of people, so on rainy days many students are not too motivated to take school seriously.

They did let out school at 2:00 today but if it rains any more I swear our school might flood.


Logarzzo said...

jeez your school is crazy on a rainy day the only things that happens here is we stay in side. they say you might e struck by lightning... Our school is incredibly scared of the weather we got called back in because it was fogy out side. its like the fog monsters are going to eat us.

Aunt Beth said...

Hi Nathan-
The fact that weather changes life almost everywhere else is a great thing. Enjoy it. We have so much control we drive ourselves crazy. I keep hoping for a snow day, but it is 60 degrees outside almost every day. Weird. I love reading these interesting cultural things. Keep up the good work!

Aunt Beth