Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Who would think that my source of Spanish books is in Burlington, Massachusetts? But, it is. When my Uncle Eric, the superintendent of Burlington schools, came to Mexico he delivered two books in Spanish. They were a gift from Ms. Hayes' class.

Ms. Hayes' class has been commenting on this blog for a really long time. I met with them on Skype and they asked me questions about Mexico. They always have good comments.

Now that schools are closed because of swine flu, and I have lots of free time, I am going to start reading Tuck Everlasting in Spanish (Tuck Para Siempre). This should be more fun than those ENLACE tests (the Mexican national standardized tests).

I'm glad I have something to do other than homework. THANKS!!!

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Ms. Hayes said...

Hi Theo! We are so glad that you liked the books. Andrew Clements is one of our favorite authors. Ms. Hayes