Wednesday, April 29, 2009

La Paz

On our big Baja trip we stayed for 8 nights in La Paz, in Baja California Sur. There we met up with my uncle Chris, aunt Kaki, and cousin Marco for a relaxing vacation.

We rented a house in the center of town, it was quite big and had a nice view of the ocean. In La Paz, we spent many days going to some cool beaches, along the Sea of Cortez there are some really beautiful beaches and the water is really pretty. The town is very walkable and very pleasant. Along with going to beaches, we explored the town, ate good tacos (and some really great seafood), and had lots of fun hanging out with family.

While we were in La Paz my cousin ruptured his timpanic membrane (membrane inside the ear) and he needed to see a doctor. After looking all over town for an open hospital we finally found one and with me acting as translator we made an appointment, (it only cost about 100 pesos, which is around 8 dollars), we then saw the nurse. Only my cousin, uncle and aunt and I were allowed in and I had to translate everything. The nurse diagnosed him, gave us the medicine we needed to buy, and we were on our way. This was my first important translating job and I think I did pretty well.

We also went down and explored a small town called Todos Santos, we walked around to some artisan shops (not my idea of fun but whatever) and went to a deserted beach.

I really enjoyed our stay in La Paz, it's always fun to travel to new places, and sharing it with a four-year-old who had never been to Mexico before was great.

Here's some pics:

Us eating tacos

When we were in Todos Santos we bought some Mexican wrestling masks for all of us, that's me on the right, and my cousin on the left. We're being super heroes

All of us at the beach

Me, my dad, and Theo at the beach in Todos Santos

Chasing pelicans in Todos Santos

My mom at Todos Santos

Me, Theo, Marco, and random Mexican kid that walked into the picture

Marco and my uncle Chris building a volcano
Our family at the beach

Theo and my mom at the beach

There was no bathtub at the house, only showers, so we had to think of other ways to bathe marco

The Easter Bunny came to Mexico!

Theo and Marco

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Lisa said...

Laura - I have the same bathing suit! I got it when visiting Judy last summer - Love the photos and the updates - Miss You!