Monday, January 26, 2009


Today I got a homework assignment for math that said I had to go to a glass cutter and buy some mirrors in some specific dimensions (along with some other supplies) and they are due in 2 days. One of my geography teacher's previous assignments was to bring specific colors of tissue paper, poster board, markers, and hot glue to school. We had one day. I've also been asked to make a paper mache pig at home. Now think about it; would anyone ever ask you to do that for homework in the U.S.?

Mi cochinito teletón

Sure I mean you might make some paper mache in class, but not for homework where you have to provide all the materials yourself and pay for them. And you might do an activity for math with mirrors, but the mirrors would be provided. Or, if you did need to provide the material you would get more than 24-hours notice.

I've also been asked to make a math geoboard at home. I didn't do it (because we didn't even have a hammer at that time), but that's beside the point. I just took a low grade on that assignment.

A lot of times here you're supposed to pay for and provide materials for school activities, simply because our school doesn't have any school supplies for the students, we have to provide ourselves with our materials. The weird thing is, is that the school has the money to throw these huge parties, or give their students big expensive prizes for contests, but they can't provide pencils for the students, our places to store school supplies. We have to bring all our materials to school everyday (and if we forget something you might get in trouble with some of the teachers). For me, being pretty disorganized, it's hard sometimes, and I miss having all the materials at school ready for use.


Angelique said...

I find your insights as to the differences between the US and Mexican education system fascinating. It makes me realize what we take for granted and how priorities are can vary from person to person and culture to culture. I am surprised that your paper mache pig did not get a cameo appearance on your blog!

It snowed here last night - the pretty kind of snow that laces all of the tree limbs with a white blanket...I still would rather be in Mexico!

Aunt Beth said...

Hi Nathan-
It is the same in France. There are no markers, no pieces of paper to draw on, no overhead projector, even! The US is a RICH country and our government spends lots of money on its people. It's cool that you are noticing!.