Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Person of the Year

Since the beginning of the year the 7th grade has been having a big contest called Person of the Year (since we call ourselves a bilingual school we have many activities and clubs with English names; our soccer team is called The Sharks). This has been a series of contests between different teams of students. Our class has been broken up into 4 teams. The contests have been:
  • A writing contest
  • A bike race
  • A pumpkin carving contest
  • Highest grade point average
  • A singing contest
  • A basketball tournament
  • A kickball tournament
We have had about 1 contest every month and the scores are tallied up at the end. My team was lucky enough to win and as a prize we got to take a day off from school and go to Legoland.

We made the trip last Friday and I had a pretty good time. Legoland itself wasn't the best, I mean it's cool that everything is made out of legos and stuff but it's all for younger kids. There are some slow rides, and a few "rollercoasters" that were pretty lame. Nonetheless I had a great time hanging out with my group and not going to school. The drive up was especially fun. 2 adults and 5 kids in a van for an hour and a half, it was great. We listened to music, talked, goofed off (mostly me cause I'm a little mental sometimes) and made some prank calls to telephone numbers on random billboards in Tijuana. (One of which was a conversation with a women in English to my fake girlfriend named Monica to whom I was apologizing for something that had happened the night before, I told her that I hoped she forgave me and that I loved her.) It was pretty sweet, the lady was pretty confused.

As I said I was goofing off cause I was in a really good mood so just a day of running around, hanging with friends, and starting up random conversations in Spanish with the confused gringos was very good to have.The claw, that's me with my friend Mario, better known as Puga
Me and my classmates

I am superman
on the right we have the principal of the middle school and on the left we have one of the three directors of the school
Oh baby, that is beastly


Eric said...

Don't cause your mother any grief.

Madeleine said...

Hi Nathan,
It's so cool that you, your brother, and your mom are living in Mexico for a year. Eric was married to my aunt ( Virginia) and he told me about your family's blogs. Ok i have to finnish my Math homework ( or else!!!!) Bye

Logarzzo said...

Jeez nathan you have a purdy cool school. In colorado every thing is kinda lame school is lamer no i mean lamest the only fun thing on this planet is skiing.