Friday, January 16, 2009


Today was a weird day with friends. After having an okay day, I overheard the people who I consider my friends saying that they were going to the movies together. This made me feel bad because I wasn't invited. So, it made me feel like I didn't have any real friends at school. It is really hard to make friends here because conversations are all in Spanish. Even though I know a lot of Spanish I can't communicate everything I want to say, which makes it hard. I was becoming friends with these kids, but being excluded really threw me off. It may have been that one of the moms organized everything and didn't know to invite me. Or, maybe they thought I wouldn't be able to understand the movie (but I would because I understand just about everything now). Or, the worst case scenario could have been that they just did not want to invite me. The good news is that I went to gymnastics practice instead, and I had a great time.


Ms. Hayes said...

Theo, making friends isn’t easy. Believe me, even at my age (and I’m old), I know it’s not a good feeling to “feel left out”. However, I would bet that the whole thing was an oversight. You seem like you would make a phenomenal friend! Keep your chin up and keep on smiling. BTW, how long have you been taking gymnastics? My niece has her first meet this Saturday. TTYS, Ms. Hayes

p.s. Do you like sushi? (I have no idea why I am asking that? It could be because I am having sushi for dinner.)
p.s.s. I went to yoga two weeks ago and your uncle was there. He was pretty good :-)

Angelique said...


I am pretty sure that nobody would intentionally want to leave you out, but I completely can understand how the experience was no fun at all. From what I have read so far, you always do a good job of reflecting on your good and bad days and recognizing what you can and cannot change. I am glad that you were able to enjoy gymnastics practice- not everyone is able to bounce back so easily!

You also sound like you are really making progress- leaps and bounds- in your understanding and speaking of Spanish. You sound much more confident about your command of the language. You should be proud!


Aunt Beth said...

You are a great kid. If they left you out on purpose, it is their loss. I can't believe how grown up you sound when you write about all your experiences.

Love You!