Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I was sick this weekend with a bad cough and fluid in my ears. I missed school for two days (which isn't all that bad). With my ears clogged up it was like my ears had to pop but they wouldn't. Plus with me not being able to stop coughing my mom brought me to the doctors office. We just walked right in without an appointment and sat down. It was just a tiny house made into a doctors office. It had everything a doctors office in the states would have except it was tiny. I met with the doctor and he gave me some medicine. He gave us his card and he said we could call him directly on his cell, work, or home line and we would be able to talk to him. So now I am feeling better and amazed how easy it was to go to the doctors office.


K said...

Hi, my name is Ron. We have a home in La Mision, where you said your favorite beach is, and our family is my wife, Sara, our daughter, Dani (10), and me.

We are thinking of moving full-time to our vacation home and are curious about the school you attend. How much is tuition and where exactly is it located.

We are also considering homeschooling as an option to driving Dani to Ensenada everyday. There is a public school only five minutes away but I think we could do better ourselves based on what we observed when we visited. But we also think a private school is an option if we can find one fairly close. Dani is almost bilingual.

Ensenada is about a twenty minute drive for us to the toll plaza north of town; how far would you guess is your school from there?

Dani enjoyed reading your posts about school.

I used to teach college and my wife is a substitute teacher here in Yuma where we live.

Thanks for any info you might be able to provide.

Logarzzo said...

Jeez when i went through customs they asked me for any prescription drugs. on the other hand when i broke my arm i waited 2 hours for a doctor appointment so u decide that sucks that ur sick

Laura said...

Hi Ron,
I'm glad you found our blog. My kids attend Colegio Argentino without paying tuition since I am a teacher there. So, I don't have all of the financial details. You should contact them directly at lospibes@ensenada.net. The school does not have a website.

Does your wife have any interest in teaching English? I know they are looking for English teachers for next year. Just a thought...

Our school is on the north side of Ensenada (near a private university called CETYS). I'm guessing we are about 10 minutes south of the toll booth, but I don't remember exactly.

Email the school and ask them to forward your email to me. I'd be happy to call you or email you with more information.

Good luck, Laura

K said...

Laura, thank you for your response. I think Sara would very much like to teach English, although she is only now working on her degree and I don't know if that would be a show stopper for the school administrators...

We will be at our place in mid-Feb for a week and plan to visit the school and scope out the details.

Thanks for the web address, as well. I did not mention that our place there is a Bed and Breakfast but we only operate during the summer. If you're interested, you can see our place at this link:


Anyway, take care, we will continue to follow your blog and do plan to contact you as you suggest.


K said...

Hi, Laura. I emailed the school on Monday (1-19-09) but have received no response to date. I wrote in English so that might be the reason...

I did mention your name in the email and did ask them to forward the email to you but, again, in English, so...

Anyway, we will definitely visit the school in February. And we are counting down to June and our move there. We have a lot to do in the meantime!

Take care...R/

Laura said...

Ron -
Write to the school again. Using English is no problem at all. The directors of the school have been extremely busy these days. So, send a follow up . . . and then just show up if you don't get a response.
Good luck, Laura

A. Aaron Smyth said...


Saw the post about English teaching positions possibly around in Ensenada. I have a BA and teaching experience. My Spanish still is a work in progress - but, that is part of why I am going to be living in Ensenada in the first place.

Anyway, I'd love to teach English in Ensenada. I live on the north side of town near Calle Ambar. I know that getting a work permit can be a pain but not impossible.

Can you tell me the location of the school? I'd probably apply in person. I'm in Arizona at the moment but will be back in Ensenada soon enough.