Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baja Mil

Yesterday one of our friends took Theo and me downtown to see some off road vehicles that were getting ready to race in something called the Baja Mil. The Baja Mil is an 1000 mile off road race all around Baja California. It's been happening annually for about 35-40 years and is pretty big around here and with racing fans around the world, (there were many Gringos there). There are motorcycles, pickups with extra big shocks, and big off road vehicles with shocks so huge I could sit in between the wheel and the wheel well. Even though I'm not a racing fan of any sort I still had a good time.

Here's a picture I got off the internet of the race.


Elizabeth Holman said...

Hey Nathan, that sounds like a great event! And I think you've got a career ahead as a photographer -- that's an amazing shot. It's a cool angle, and you totally captured the action. Way to go!
We're enjoying keeping up with you, thanks for blogging!
Elizabeth & Diane

Nathan said...

It was very cool.

You know I would like to take credit for that photo but I actually got it off the internet. Gotta love Google Images!

Elizabeth Holman said...

Doh! Guess I could have read more closely and realized that! Still, I enjoyed your entry...