Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things Happen

Today was one of those days when you just want to go hide in a corner and be alone. The day started as a normal okay day, with my classes going great. I even got a big Hershey's dark chocolate candy bar in math for getting a good grade. The bad kicked in when I went to the fourth grade. I started to get a little off my good day when I needed to get a copy of my homework assignment sheet. I went in and everything was just fine except that the teachers were saying something about me and I didn't know what it was. That was just a small thing but things do get on your nerves sometimes. The next thing that happened that just got on my nerves was that I seemed to be saying a lot of things wrong today. People were laughing at the things I said wrong and not telling me what I said wrong just leaving me wondering. The thing that just finally pushed me past my breaking point was another small thing. It was when my class was practicing for a presentation when I had to say my line. All I had to say was a name ("Limantour"). I thought that I had said it completely wrong because everyone was laughing. I just couldn't control myself and I just sat down and cried. After I pulled myself together I thought how stupid it was to let that happen and I am writing this to try to feel better.


Eric said...

Theo...Don't let them get you down. You are doing great things. It is OK to get frustrated and to have a bad day once and a while. Imagine if your teacher and classmates had to relocate to your school in Denver. They wouldn't be doing nearly as well as you. Laugh at them on the inside. If they continue to give you a hard time, remember who they are. I will be there in December - mongolooshes for everyone.

Ms. Hayes said...

Dear Theo,

I hope you feel better after what happened at school. Remember, the number one thing is to keep on trying. If it does happen again just get right back up and don’t let the people who bothered you get on your nerves. If you say a word in Spanish and it doesn’t sound right keep on practicing so you can get better. Just don’t let one day bother you. It’s not the end of the world. Remember, you are better than people who get you down. Keep smiling. I hope you feel better.

William Hurley 207

Ms. Hayes said...

Dear Theo,

I’m sorry that happened. But every day is a new day! Maybe you can ask your mom or dad to tell a teacher about it. Hopefully it won’t happen again. Tell your mom and maybe she can talk to them if they see her during school hours. That’s what I would do if my mom or dad worked in my school. I’ve had days like that when I switched schools last year, but now it does not happen any more. I made a lot of new friends at my new school. I hope you feel better! Love, Rachel room 207

Ms. Hayes said...

Hey Theo, what are mongolooshes? Ms. Hayes

p.s. The kids told me about your bad day! I am so sorry that happened to you. Do you know what they say when life throws you lemons???? Make lemonade! Yumm. Keep smiling!

Angelique said...

I hope today was a better day for you. We have all had similar experiences, when a bunch of little things add up to make for a bad day. The good thing is that things always get better eventually. I can tell from reading your blog that you ooze talent and courage. I can also tell that you are wise beyond your years and that you make friends easily. These qualities, along with everyone out here in cyberspace who is rooting for you--well, they can't be beat!

Theo said...

Thanks everybody. Your comments are really nice and make me feel better. I had a good day yesterday.
PS - Ms. Hayes, you have to ask my Uncle Eric what a "mongoloosh" is and hope he doesn't give you a demonstration.

Chris said...

Hey, Theo. Sorry to hear about your bad day, but I'm glad to see you're already getting past it. When I have a bad experience, I try to remember that the next time something like that happens, I'll be better prepared for it because I've been through it before. It won't be such a surprise. And I always try to remember that if someone is being unkind to me, it says something about them and what they have to learn, and not me. Also, I'm pretty sure that sticking your tongue out means the same thing in every language.
I promise to keep trying to get my ichat up and running soon, so you can have some family time with Marco.

Stephanie said...

Hi Theo!
I am a teacher in Culpeper where your uncle used to work. I check out your blog a lot just to see how things are going. Sorry you had a bad day. You seem like a great student - keep your chin up! You are doing something a lot of kids will never get a chance to do! Have a great year and try not to let them get to you. :-) Smile!

Matthew said...

Hi Theo

I remember when I lived in Thailand and the same kind of thing would happen to me. But here's the coolest thing -- there's going to come a point really soon when you're just going to start to understand, and you're going to totally surprise all of the kids (and teachers) who think you don't get it. What I remember is that look of utter mortification on the faces of people who were talking about me, like kids -- and sometimes adults -- do, thinking that I didn't understand. But I did, and I told them so in their own language. It stopped really fast. You can just smile when that starts to happen. And it will soon. I'm really proud of you for doing what you're doing! love, Uncle Matthew

GrandBob said...

I tried to send you a response twice before, but got messed up with this technology.  Forgot my password and d/k if I even gave the right id.  Anyhow, Mark fixed the problem for me.

Being teased hurts.  I was teased quite a lot for being small, skinny and not heavy enough to push back, but I could do more chin-ups than anyone and was always the first to climb to the top of the rope in gym class.  I loved that rope.  Remembering that helped.  Not too much, but some.  And you, my friend, can do FLIPS!  Eric is right.  I'm certain you would not laugh at some Mexican kid who was at the Challenge school, struggling with English.  

There is a Latin phrase for Eric's advice "don't let them get you down."  It goes something like this:
Illigitimi non carborundum est.  Your Dad can fix it if this isn't quite right.  It literally means, "Don't let the bastards get you down."


coulter said...

Hi theo i have a lazy R and i am not worried about it so you should be just fine.

from Coulter

coulter said...

Hi Theo i am in miss.hayes class
she is funny can you see your uncle here in Burlington