Monday, November 24, 2008


Yesterday, there was an event at school, called the Dia de Cristo Rey. There were a lot of fun games and events, but the one I worked the hardest for was the talent show. I played piano, and the song I played was called "Agent X," which I played in two concerts before. There were probably a couple of hundred people in the audience, and I think it came out really well, even though I was so nervous before the concert.

My dad taped it on video. Here it is!


Jossy said...

hey!!!! It is very Nice!!!!!!

GrandBob said...

Hi Theo,
Your smart Dad just reminded me how to use this blog. Again.

With luck, I won't screw it up again.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mark, Laura, Nathan, Theo,
Happy Thanks giving to all of you.
Your blog looks great.
It looks like you are having a lot of fun.
The time is passing by very fast.
We are both busy, but especially I with all classes and new adventure as an IT teacher.
Theo, sometime I feel exactly like you did during your bed day. We are moving forward and getting better and stronger.
W e miss you and counting the days when you going to be back in Denver
Val and Elena

Aunt Beth said...

Hey Theo!
Rock on, kid! GrandBob and Katherine and Sophia and Uncle Matthew and I watched it during thanksgiving. Now, Agent X is stuck in my head! Thanks!

Love, Aunt Beth

Logarzzo said...

Holy moly theo that wuz awesome do did u get first place? Well u should have

Theo said...

No I did not get first place, the contest was partially about what you did but most of it was about how much money you collected or a charity. But I should have gotten first!


David said...

Is that a young Jerry Lee Lewis?

Ms. Hayes said...

Hi Theo! How are you? My Mom went to Cabo San Lucas last summer for vacation. I play an instrument too. I play the trombone. It takes a lot of practice and air out of you! You know what your uncle says about work!!! Work + Work = More Work!!!!!!

Coulter R.

p.s. Do you fish?