Monday, November 24, 2008


Today I was homeschooled by my dad for part of the day. He took me out of school and for two hours, and I studied Spanish intensely. My brother was jealous, but it was really just studying the whole time. I learned the future tense, the preterite, the present progressive, and another form of future. I think that it was a productive day in Spanish!


GrandBob said...

I had no idea that our Dad knew anything about preterite or perfect progressive and things like that. I took Spanish in school and got stuck on subjunctive mood, something I didn't figure out until I was half-way through law school. Keep it up, oh grandson mine.


Anonymous said...

That was a good idea. It would take you a whole year of Spanish in middle school here to learn all those tenses. You are smart to sit down and just work on them. That will help you pick up more patterns.

We were wondering whether you should go to Campus instead of West. Then, you could take Spanish in high school and take the rest of the classes in middle school. You are going to get it!

Love, Aunt Beth

Logarzzo said...

Dude you know even mor that i do :O

Theo said...

I don't know what school I'll go to but I'll give it a thought.