Sunday, November 2, 2008


Here in Ensenada I have no toys, not one and sometimes on the weekends I get bored with nothing to do. Recently I have found some "toys" to play with. One of them is not a toy it is called, cats. If you met these cats you would be amazed because they are the nicest cats in the world and I'm glad to finally have a pet. There are two of them, one is black and the other is white. Both of the cats like each other and like me.I'm not sure if they have owners or not but I never see them with any one so they are now mine. Having cats to play with is fun but not enough. So the answer is paper airplanes. My mom packed a paper airplane kit for her students because it had an article on flying. I realized it would be fun to use. Now it is the best thing ever. So far I think I have made twenty in two days. I've been experimenting with my own and using the book.. My Brother and I have been throwing them of the top floor of our apartment building. Since some of the airplanes are bad they ended up on peoples' balconies, and I now only have fifteen planes. I am glad I thought of paper air planes and met these awesome cats or else life would be quite boring on weekends. Here are some pictures of my new "toys" here in Ensenada.


Elizabeth said...

Hey Theo! Congratulations on your new toys. We have a new "toy" too -- his name is Tuffy. He's huge and orange & white. When you come back to Colorado you can come meet him. In the meantime, he sends his cat greetings to his Mexican pals.

Elizabeth & Diane

Ms. Hayes Room 207 said...

Hi Theo, My name is Ms. Hayes. I teach 4th grade in Burlington. Your uncle, Eric, is our superintendent. He visited our classroom last week for Morning Meeting. We asked him to share something. He told us about your adventure. We have been checking your blog every few days. It is great!

We hope you don’t mind that we will be reading and commenting. I am trying to set up a blog for the classroom but need to check the rules for that first.

My students JUST completed an Airplane Design Project using the design process! Maybe we can send you a copy. I will check with your uncle.

Keep up the good work. Ms. Hayes

Theo said...

Thanks for visiting our blog room 207.
Be sure to keep reading it. I don't mind if you read the blog at all. We want people to read it. That paper airplane design seems really cool.
Keep reading!


Laura said...

Hi Elizabeth and Diane! We hope you and pets are doing well. We love "our" new cats. Our latest theory is that they are strays that are taken care of by various people in our condo complex. Several people put cat food outside their doors, but no one seems to really interact with the cats . . . except Theo, who adores them and give them oodles of love and attention -- all outside of our apartment. Since Nathan is allergic to cats, this is the perfect pet solution for Theo. I'm' sure he'll enjoy playing with Tuffy when we return to Denver.

Ms. Hayes said...

Hi Theo,
My name is Matt from 207 my class has just finished a paper airplane project.
We threw them outside our school. My paper airplane went the farthest the second flight the first flight my friends went the farthest. My friend and I were talking about what made his plane go the farthest. Some how the second time mine went further than his. I agree with you, playing with paper airplanes was fun. Matt

Theo said...

Hi Matt, It sounds like you have a cool class. Thanks for visiting our blog. Theo

Ms. Hayes said...

Hi Theo,
I’m from Ms. Hayes’ class!
Your cats are so cute.
What did you name them?

We have 2 chickens in our classroom. Their names are Cotton and Chicken! Cotton likes to dance around the classroom. Chicken likes to roost on her perch and cluck all day!

Gabby D.