Sunday, August 24, 2008


The beach that we went to yesterday was the best beach I've been to so far. The first beach we went to was okay, but the waves weren't very big. The second beach we went to had a rip tide, so we could barely go out past our knees.

But this beach, called La Misión, had huge, huge, huge waves. The water was colder, because the other beaches were in the bay near Ensenada, which is called Bahía de Todos Santos (All Saints Bay). Even though the water was cold, we got used to it pretty fast. We bought a boogie board, and we rode the huge waves. The waves we rode on were not even the biggest waves--they were the second break, and they were still over our heads. Riding them was awesome.

The beach was pretty crowded, but not too crowded. People were selling stuff on the beach, from kites to ice cream to coconuts. Lots of other people drove their cars right onto the beach, so that they could bring more stuff onto the beach, like tents, barbecues, plastic furniture, and lots of other things. And I saw one car that was stuck in the sand, and they were trying to dig it out.

On our way home, we stopped at a pizzeria and ordered a pizza to go for cena (that's "supper" in Spanish). Next door to the pizzeria, there was a panadería (which means "bakery" in Spanish). We got lots of stuff for last night for dessert and stuff for this morning. It was all great, including the pizza.

I'm looking forward to going to that beach again.

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