Sunday, August 31, 2008

Valle de Guadalupe

Yesterday we went to the Valle de Guadalupe. Theo's friend from school invited him because his parents were hosting. It was hosted by a kids catholic club for kids 5th grade and below. Good thing for us, there were plenty of people who weren't part of the club so we weren't the only ones. There was a mass, food and lot's of games. It was a fun day. One of my friends from school was there because her little brother had been invited too so we hung out together. Here are some pictures:Theo in a pyramid with his team.

My team.They decided to have a breakdancing session, luckily I know how.Me in the three legged race.
We filled paper plates with whipped cream and chucked them at people who volunteered.
Theo volunteered to be a target.
Me and my friend Zulema, sorry I blinked.
Theo and his friend Rodrigo, the boy who invited him to this event.
"First Communion" for Theo
A game in where you have two teams and everyone is numbered off 1-8 on each team. When they call your number you have to try and get the hat and bring it to your side before the person on the other team does.
This is my favorite picture.
"First Communion" for me.


Eric said...

Did Theo get the hat?

Laura said...

They had to declare a tie! Theo's opponent was tough, but Theo was going to fight to the bitter end. He's a competitor . . . does he remind you of anyone?

Andrea said...

Hi Everyone!
We are enjoying reading your blogs. The pictures are great! We love your apartment. Keep us posted!
Hope you're enjoying school over there!
Talk to you soon!

Hasta Luego!
Mary, Jim, and Andrea

Aunt Beth said...

It is cool that you are both set with communion now. Rita would be thrilled! It is fun to see you with kids your age having fun and eating good food. You look like you fit right in!

Aunt Beth

Nathan said...

Hi Merrill family,
It's very good to hear from you, you should come visit us sometime especially since we didn't get to see Andrea last summer.