Saturday, August 30, 2008

Photos of Colegio Argentino

Here are some preliminary photos of Colegio Argentino. These were taken on the Friday before school started. The workmen were still completing work on the school, and there was still no electricity that day. The plumbing worked, however, to everyone's great relief.

Theo in the library. Not many books here. At least not yet.

On the patio, looking toward the playground. The Pacific Ocean is off to the right. The school has a flag ceremony every Monday.

From the very small soccer field toward the school. The offices are in the back (which is actually the front of the school...the road is on the other side of the buildings in the back).

Looking into the bathrooms on the left, and down the main row of classrooms. Nathan's class is the first one past the bathroom.

This is the lunchroom, looking out toward the playground and the ocean beyond. It's too warm here to need to enclose the eating space .

The Pacific is in the background, with the Isla de Todos Santos in the distance.

The school's construction started last April. They've come a long way in a few short months, but still have some things to accomplish. Parking lots are not paved, the lunch room (or lunch area) has no place to really serve the kids yet, and the fields are smaller than they envision. The administrators also plan to build a two-story middle school on the same property to open next fall. So the place may still feel like a construction zone for quite some time.

But it is certainly spiffy, and you can't beat the view!

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Leticia said...

Is there a particular reason you chose this school for your children?