Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Drinking Water

None of us has had even a twinge of Montezuma's Revenge since our arrival. We've even eaten tacos on the street and seafood tacos in the seafood market (right next to where the fishing boats come in--there is a healthy commercial fishing industry in Ensenada). No problems.

Still, we drink bottled water. We finally got a "porta garrafon" yesterday, which is an Rubbermaid apparatus upon which to turn a big water jug upside down. We can keep it on the counter. I was told that I can buy the "garrafones" (jugs) in the convenience store across the street, and you can fill them up for 10 pesos (1 dollar). Or there are trucks that deliver them...they just drive around honking their horns hoping you'll come out of your house with your empties.

So today's the day to get the garrafon. A red letter day.

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Anonymous said...

Hello All!!

Sounds like you are settling in nicely. Nathan and Theo you look amazingly handsome in your school sports uniforms. Jason and Christina wear uniforms to school too. It takes the challenge out of figuring out what to wear every morning!!!

Glad to hear you are enjoying the food. Tacos are always a favorite!!

We are in Stowe VT. this week. Spent the day with Uncle John touring the Granite quarries and manufacturing sites. It was an awesome and interesting day.

We will keep in touch - enjoy Mexico!!

Love Caroline, Jeff and the kids