Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today was orientation day at school. It was very fun but I was a little nervous. My morning was a little rushed because we thought we had to be at school at 10 but we had to be there at 9. My mom's colleague had texted my mom about it the day before but my mom sent her first text message yesterday and by the time she got the text message it was 8:40 and I had only been awake for 5 minutes.
So when we got there, everyone had to check in their stuff, I didn't have my stuff because I didn't have time to grab it. My dad brought them at 10 when the younger grades came and he checked them in for me. There are 19 people in my class and only 6 or 7 guys. I met them all and I am good friends with two of them and I hang out with the others. One of my friends name is Mario, he speaks no english but he speaks slowly and doesn't mumble so I can understand him pretty well. My other friend speaks a little english, is kind of weird and not athletic at all, but he's nice and helps me understand things. I also made friends
with a girl named Geneva, she is half Mexican and half American and is bilingual.
After our teacher talked to us we played games like dodgeball and pass the water balloons, (It was kind of lame). After we had a snack and me and the other guys played soccer until it was time to go. It was a very fun but tiring day. I look forward to tomorrows half day and Monday, when school actually starts. Until then, we have lots to do.


K said...

Hi Nathan and Theo!I hope you're having fun! (from Marco) , M XM MA X <>S Z s,wsmMWS

Kaki said...

You guys are just amazing!! I hope you get a great game of soccer in soon.