Saturday, August 23, 2008

School: First Impressions

Yesterday I had a half day of school. I came early with my mom at 8 and waited around until the kids came. All the teachers came into our room and talked with us for a half an hour. Some teachers I can understand, and some not so much. First we met our Orientation teacher, she was nice I guess except for we all had to say our names and what school we went to last year. I messed up and everyone laughed at me. I still don't know what the class Orientation is. Then we met our Biology teacher she is French and married to a Mexican. She has lived in Mexico for 8 years and speaks spanish fluently. I think I will do okay in that class. Then we met our Spanish teacher, I am 100% sure I'm going to flunk that class. She speaks very clearly so I can understand most of what she says but I still don't know exactly what she's talking about. She talked about how we were going to find out why we spell different words different ways. She is very strict and likes to have us stand up when she enters and exits the room.
After that we got a break, I was ready for it. That whole time I felt really crappy, I felt like I didn't fit, and I would never be able to communicate, and how I just wanted to go back to the states. The break helped a lot. After that we met another teacher who teaches catholicism and other stuff. I didn't understand one word she said. First we were talking about catholicism, then we were talking about ipods, and then people who didn't have homes and enough to eat. I got pretty confused.
Then came our geography teacher, oh man. We had snack outside while she talked to us. The other guys were talking a lot and she was getting pretty pissed at them. Then she called my friend Mario (who wasn't talking) ninito, which means little boy. We all laughed a little and then she looked at us and got angry. She said: Is it funny?! Is it a joke?! No laughing! So I was trying extra hard to stay on her good side when some of the guys started talking, and they all start saying some funny stuff and everyone starts laughing. She was getting pretty mad, and I was stuffing my face with a granola bar to keep myself from just losing control and start cracking up. Anyway after that we went back in to our classroom and she told us something along the lines of; if you step out of line your dead.
Then it was my mom's turn to talk. I was kind of embarrassed but she didn't do anything bad, and she wasn't mean. Overall it went well, I am very nervous for Monday.


Claire Montgomery said...

Nathan- you're really brave to go to school, I would be scared to death!
The food sounds really good their!
I love you and miss you!

myselF. said...

First impressions are almost always false, but i think you will be ok in your new school.

Sergio said...

Nathan, the good things, are never
easy, just keep going, never give up, you are a smart kid and going
to make it.

We learn making mistakes, when my family and I arrived to USA, the
next day at MCdonald's I was asking
for a big nasty instead of a big'n

Sergio said...

Nathan, never give up, the good
things are never easy, just keep
going, you are a smart kid and you
going to make it.
Remember Sergio, when we arrived to
Denver 8 years ago, he wasn't speaking any word of English.

At MCdonalds, I was asking for a
Big nasty instead of a big'n tasty.

Eric said...


Starting at a new school, like starting new at anything, is difficult. Don't worry, soon you will be running the place.


mandee said...

hey nathan. school any better yet? I bet you'll fit in just fine. The language barrier wont stop you for long. :) Everything looks really cool although different and it sounds like a great experience. Email us tons and we will keep you up to date with happenings at school and such. Miss ya tons! amanda

Trinity said...

Hey Nathan! Its Trinity! I'm sorry about your first day of school, but don't worry, even here in the states i didn't have the best first day either. I miss you so much! When do you get back again? And are you coming to the middle youth spring retreat?

Miss ya,
Trinity Thomas ;)

Nathan said...

Hi Trinity, good to hear from you, no I'm not coming back to the states for a year.

Nathan said...

Thank you Sergio, things are going much better now and my Spanish is improving, thanks for the support.

Nathan said...

Thank you Claire, the food here is very good, especially the tacos! Mis you too!