Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The first thought I had when I heard I had to wear a uniform was "AHHHHHHHH!" but then it might not be so bad. I was right. Our uniforms aren't so bad, but I wouldn't wear them any time else other than at school. Here are some photos.
I know what you're thinking: those are your uniforms? Well actually those are our sports uniforms. We haven't gotten our real uniforms yet. When I get pictures I'll show you.


Grandbob said...

I think the sport uniforms look spiffy, and I bet that since they look okay, the regular ones will, too.

The photos are very helpful to us, and give us a fine idea of your surroundings--which Nancy and I may check out in person when the whales show up in the spring.

She and I went to the opera, Marriage of Figaro 2 nights ago, and to Falstaff last night. Figaro was magic, Falstaff was merely a nice evening. The stage director must not have known much, because the funny parts were not funny.

We get a night off from opera tonight, and Nancy is taking me to a fancy restaurant for my birthday.

We had breakfast at a local hot-spot--with our friends, the Boatrights--and are now headed for a 5 or 6 mile hike which starts just behind St. Johns College.

I saw a few pots I'd like to have, but the prices are way up from when your Grandmother and I started collecting them. Think I'll start collecting something else. Matchbooks, maybe.

Love, GrandBob

Eric said...

Nice uniforms! I think the blue would go perfectly with a Boston Red Sox hat.

Chris said...

I think that's the same uniform worn by the Mexican Army. If your gym classes have games like Catch the Fugitive and Border Patrol, I'd be suspicious. Just be thankful it's not the uniform for the Mexican Navy. There'd be tons of swimming involved because they don't have any boats.

Kaki said...

you guys look HANDSOME!! Marco is enjoying the pics.