Monday, August 18, 2008

The Trip

Now that I have finally gotten around to it, let me tell you about our trip. Our trip was long. It lasted four very extremely long days. We could usually find something to keep us occupied but sometimes we got extremely bored and grumpy because we had nothing to do, we were hungry, and we were driving through a freakin' dessert in the middle of nowhere. We went to two national parks, they were Painted Desert national forest and Petrified Forest national park. Both were very beautiful, especially the Painted Desert. The thing is we didn't have a lot of time to see them because we were rushing to get to Phoenix, Arizona, to see some friends of my parents, (we needn't have rushed because it's one hour earlier in Arizona, we just forgot to set our watches back). We had a fun night.

We also explored Santa Fe, New Mexico. It's a very cool, artsy little town. We visited a museum there about the history of Mexico. Also in Santa Fe, we took a tour of St. John's University with my dad. It's a cool college but my brother and I decided that we didn't want to go there. So here's an overview of our trip. First day we drove from Denver, Colorado, to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Second day we drove from Santa Fe to Phoenix, Arizona. The third day, Saturday the 10th, we drove from Pheonix to El Centro California, and on Sunday we came to Ensenada. Here's some pictures of our trip:
The car all loaded with stuff.

My parents at Petrified Forest National Park.
On the road in Santa Fe.
Me, my brother and my dad at Painted Desert national forest.

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