Tuesday, August 26, 2008


What I have to say after two days of school is "OH MY GOD I'LL NEVER LEARN SPANISH!" And that is all I thought after school today. All of my classes have been really hard. I have history, math, Spanish, geography, Catholicism, and maybe some other subjects I don’t know about yet. During the day I go nowhere. All the teachers come to me and I don’t have to go anywhere, which is kind of nice actually not having to go anywhere. My favorite class surprisingly is math, because the math problems are exactly the same, which makes it simple. Although not all of it is simple because of word problems, which are obviously in Spanish. History is my second favorite subject because of the teacher. The teacher is really nice and is easy to understand. Next in line is Catholicism just because all I have to do is try to understand what she is saying and copy what I have to write. Still, I don’t understand anything I have write or do until my friends tell me. My least favorite class is Spanish because most everything is written down on a piece of paper. So far I have had to read two stories. I had no idea what the heck they were about. To top it all off I have to do questions about the story that I didn't get plus I didn’t understand the questions. Even if I did I wouldn't be able to answer them. So I think Spanish is going to be the most stressful and frustrating class, which isn't saying much because every class is going to be and already is stressful and frustrating. It helps that my teacher, Miss Cindy, is really nice, which takes some of the stress off. What helps the most is my friends who can explain it to me. So far I have made two good friends. Both who are really nice. One speaks pretty good English and the other speaks barely any English at all. This is good because one can help me learn Spanish and the other can help me not feel stupid during class, which still is going to happen tons of times. My ratings of my classes will probably change as I learn Spanish (if I ever do!).

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Katherine said...

Hi Theo!
In answer to your question, yes you will eventually learn spanish. But trust me, I know the feeling. I think that the best piece of advice that I was given was to NOT try to understand everything. Just remember that you are not going to learn spanish in one day, so give your brain time to relax. The words will kind of go through you at first and you won't understand them, but one day you will be sitting in class and you will think to yourself OH MY GOD!! I UNDERSTAND EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE SAYING! It also prevents you from being so tired at the end of the day and you still will have some energy to do homework or go to the taco stand or hang out with your friends or whatever you want to do. Don't lose hope, my fellow perfectionist :) It will come to you in time. I promise.
And you know what will happen when you come back? Everyone will be amazed because you will be better than them and they will all love you and ask for your attention and they will ask themselves... where did that mexican boy come from? He is SOOO loveable. I promise.
I miss you! I hope that you will start understanding more soon!