Monday, August 18, 2008

The Transition

We left about 12 days ago, and we crossed the border 8 days ago.

The thing I'm most proud of? The way the boys are adjusting so rapidly. They are wild about the food. They don't want to hang in the tourist zone or in restaurants where gringos usually go. They tried the birria stew of goat, and loved it. They are settling into the apartment, which is a bit cramped, but in a nice, central neighborhood (you can find a yoga studio down the street and a couple of plastic surgeons on the next street over). Nathan and Theo are just rolling.

Their only real complaint is that they have to do too much shopping. Walmart. Home Depot. Dax (the equivalent of Walgreens). Waldo's (the dollar store). And the "segunda" where you can buy second-hand furniture and appliances. All this shopping takes a ton of time and energy, and understandably Nathan and Theo lose patience. But they do understand that the intensive shopping is about to come to an end (we need a fridge next). And they are excited about school starting.

All in all, the transition has been fairly smooth. A few surprises. Several glitches. A couple of wacky moments.

But our landlady is nice (her grandkids go to the school where Laura will teach). Most of the people we have dealt with have been very helpful. We have figured out how to drive from one end of town to the other. And we found the nearest beach (and the roadside taco and tamales stands).

It's going to be a very full year.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
We teachers here at Merrill think of you quite often. We started off with more teachers than kids, so now we have to let go of some teachers. Our ELA dept. is huge! We had to hire more teachers and probably will need more. So what else is new? We had back to school night last night.
It looks like you live in a really nice comfortable place. I would love to be close to all that good food like you and of course the beach! Take care. Mary