Monday, August 18, 2008

Photos of Our Apartment--Empty

We moved into our apartment last Wednesday. It was bare. We slept on air beds the first night, because the workmen were painting and still cleaning around us. Anyway, we didn't have any furniture or appliances.

So here are some photos.

This is the master bedroom. Theo and I will sleep here.

Here's our claustrophobic bathroom!
This is my mom's room and my dad's when he comes. Do you see the train on the wall?
The house is sold!

This is the kitchen.

This is our main room and there is nothing in it.

This is our laundry room (without a washing machine and dryer)/garage/basement. There is no real wall so bugs and dirt can come and go freely.

This is our small balcony looking onto that beautiful wall.

Our apartment has no air conditioning though it does have fans. All in all it's starting to feel like home.


Kaki said...

great pics of the house & LOVE what you've done with it! keep the pics coming.

Kaki said...

Great pics - love the house & what you've done with it! :)