Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Our Apartment

Our neighborhood is awesome! Everything is nearby. There is a bakery a taco stand, a laundromat, a convenience store (abarrotes) and a few blocks away there is a language school that we went to. And there's lots of tasty restaurants. Here are some pictures.

The convenience store

The Laundromat

The Bakery

Our language school.

The taco stand


Don from Bristol Pa said...

I find your blog very interesting. I grew up in California and went to Ensenada a few times as a child with my parents. What brings you to Ensenada for the year?

Best of luck and I'll read often.

Don from Bristol PA

George said...

Nice photos. But I'm curious about how good the tacos taste. How do they compare to the Mexican food you had back in the States?

- George Mannes (sorry I won't see you guys on our trip)

Theo said...

Dear Don,

Thanks for visiting our blog. We came to Ensenada to learn Spanish. We'll be staying here for the year. My mom is a teacher, and she is going to teach English here at a private school. My brother and I are going to go to that same school and speak only Spanish there.

Thanks again for your comment!

Theo said...

Dear George,

The tacos are so much better here. There are no crispy shells, only soft corn and flour tortillas. Plus there are tons of awesome meats that go inside the taco, such as barbacoa, lamb, chicken mole, carne asada, or fish or seafood. Then they also have quesatacos, which are like quesadillas with meat inside. We also had one with machaca, which is meat with onions and peppers. Also the tacos here don't have much else on them: just the meat, some cilantro, maybe some onions, and lime and hot sauce. No lettuce or cheese or tomato.

Thanks for visiting our blog. Have fun in Colorado. I think Eric and Nathan would like the Mohawk Lakes trail. It's a bit long, but great scenery.

Keep reading our blog!

Chris said...

You guys better watch out in that neighborhood. It looks like there are some pretty shady-looking characters hanging out on the street down there. Oh wait, that you guys.