Monday, August 18, 2008


Yummmmm! The food here is awesome. Each day since we arrived here we have had tacos, enchiladas, chili rellenos and much more. During the Spanish school that I took; every day I would have a delicious taco. My favorite kind was the taco de Nopal con huevo (Otherwise known as cactus with egg.)

Yesterday we ate at a restaurant called................. some Aztec name that I can't pronounce. Anyway the food there was great we had lamb and beef tacos. Plus we had a great vegetable that I don't remember what is was called but it was great . A few nights ago we had lamb, beef and goat. I liked the goat the best. Overall I'm exited to have this food all year.

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Eric said...

If goat is that good I may need to add it to the school lunch menu in Burlington. Do you think the kids here will like it as much as you do?