Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Appliance Nightmares

Well, Theo and I bought a fridge, a washing machine, and a dryer last week. Easy as pie. Just pay money, and it's delivered in a matter of hours.

Fridge is new: few scratches and dents. Works great.

We hooked up the dryer. The faucets leaked like fountains. Water all over the place. Need to be replaced. Great.

Laura plugged in the dryer to dry some hand washables. After 20 minutes, she checked on them. No heat in the dryer.

It's a gas dryer. No gas line to hook it up to. Went back Sunday to see if I could exchange for an electric one. "No hay." They sell only gas dryers. So we're stuck. Turns out most people in Ensenada prefer gas ones that can be hooked up to an LP tank. After a trip to Home Despot, I now have a regulator and hose to connect dryer to tank. Still no tank, but I have scoped out the guys who drive by every morning--two or three times, honking their horns--selling the tanks off the back of their trucks and who will tote them upstairs for me.

Plumber is supposed to come tomorrow. At least the landlord will pay for this little problem.

After five days, several stuttering phone calls, and a lot of new vocabulary (e.g., "water leak," "portable LP tank," "faucets," and "return policy"), maybe we'll be able to do laundry tomorrow.

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